Monthly Archives: June 2005

Railsday over

Railsday is officially over (5 days ago anyway). Carl wrote about it and our entry in more detail and you should head off there first to read a good summary of how it went. Judging has recently been extended by 8 days so we will find out how we did on the 18th June.

In general the competition was fairly well organised, especially since it was the first time it has been run, but there are improvements that could be made for next time.

  • Finalise the environment available to competitors well before the competition and stick to it.
  • Keep the start and end times of the competition as static as possible.
  • Expand on the judging criteria, there should be as little room for ‘interpretation’ as possible.

But apart from those, a big thank you to the organisers for making it happen. I will hold off thanking the judges until I know how we did!


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