Monthly Archives: June 2007

Great sporting moments

The best pitch in the world:

Comic Sans is Wrong

This dialog came from Aegisub, an application for subtitling video:

Warning: You have chosen to use the

Someone needs to add this massively useful warning to every piece of presentation software ever made.

Found at Global Nerdy.

Real Simpsons Avatar

According to Carl the last attempt looked nothing like me, so here is another go:

Simpsons will

I haven’t really got much of a clue what I look like to other people so it would be much better if someone else did one of me.

My Simpsons Avatar

Simpsons Avatar

Created at the Simpsons Movie site (via TwoEyes).

Bacon Placemats

This looks really tasty, how to make a bacon placemat.

Bacon placemats

BatGrrl’s comment was great:

Two words for Father’s Day, gentlemen-

“Bacon panties.”

Wooden binary adding machine

This is great, I really want to make one of these myself now.


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