Monthly Archives: October 2005


I just bought an album from Magnatune. I can download it in any of the following formats with no DRM:

  • 44k/16bit WAV: 443meg zip of perfect quality WAVs.
  • FLAC: 260meg zip file of perfect quality FLAC files.
  • OGG: 70meg zip file of high quality Ogg Vorbis files.
  • 128kb MP3: 43meg zip file of 128kb MP3 files.
  • MP3 VBR: 69meg zip of high quality MP3 VBR files.
  • Mac iTunes: 52meg iTunes OSX AAC files.
  • Mac MP3: 88meg OSX & OS9 compatible 256k MP3s.

And I can give it away to up to three other people, this was the order confirmation email I got:

Give this album away for free!

You can pass these download instructions on to 3 friends. It’s completely legal and you’ll be helping us fight the evil music industry! Complete details here:

You can choose the amount you pay for the music (within bounds) and 50% of the money goes to the artist. How cool are these guys!