Holly Joan Jessop

My second daughter, Holly Joan Jessop, was born on the 1st January 2006 at 20:17 weighing 7lbs 8oz (3.40 kg). Mother and baby are doing fine, Ann-Marie has learned to say ‘Baby Holly’.

I would write more, but I am a bit busy at the moment!





7 thoughts on “Holly Joan Jessop

  1. Simon Morris says:

    Wow – what a great way to start the year!

    Congratulations to both yourself and the mum and big sister – well done :D

  2. Carl says:

    Congratulations! And Celebrations! Hope mum and daughter are doing well. However, I’m a little unsure about you. I mean, making a mistake once is learning. But making it twice?

    Seriously, I’m made up for you. Speak to you properly soon.

  3. Richard says:


    Mazel tov (congratulations) from Hong Kong…

  4. CarlR says:

    Congrats mate. Of all the predictions for 2006, yours so far is the only one to come true.

    Enjoy your Paternity leave. I have a feeling you are going to need the rest.
    1 man, in a house with 3 women, for at least the next 16 years. How will you cope.

  5. Jean-david says:

    Hi Morwenna,

    Congratulations!! Hope everyone is well and happy.


  6. Wyl says:

    That is sooooooooo cool. Congratulations to both of you (again) you are both so responsible and grown up.
    We’ve only just got the Ambleberry song recorded, now we’re going to have to do a Holly one so she doesn’t feel left out!

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