New job

I got a new job! I started one and a half weeks ago with the Guardian Media Group in the Regional Digital department. The department is responsible for a lot of regional sites, such as Manchester Online.

The offices are on Deansgate in Manchester and are nicer than the offices I used to work in partly because they are more central so there is more to do and more places to eat lunch including Wagamama, which I predict is going to cost me a fortune!

Anyway, I am doing much more web-development stuff now as opposed to the totally back-end stuff I was doing at Netservices so I should enjoy it more. And I have a better computer and more money :)

One thought on “New job

  1. Tony says:

    Hi Will,

    Really appreciated finding your fix it assistance. I have a Powershot S400 and have a problem with the CF Door not closing, as well as the occasional “memory card error”. Cannot see what is causing the CF door to stay open and figure that it is some trigger or button that I have pushed. Have you or others heard of this problem & perhaps have an easy fix?

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