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Friday Link-o-Rama

Security features of new £20 note

One day I hope to be able to afford my own £20 note.

Mario bros in lego


Ecopod, recycled paper coffin

Ecopod - recycled coffin

Build dangerous shooty things

Funny video. And who wouldn’t want to do this to their boss?

Really cool paper art

Paper sculpture

‘Swim across the Atlantic Ocean’

Yet more helpful directions from Google, this time from NY to Dublin.

A restaurant in Japan has a goldfish tank…in the deep fryer.

Because oil floats on water, despite the massive heat (163 degrees Celsius) the goldfish simply stay away from the surface and all is well. They eat the crumbs of croquettes and other fried foods that fall to the bottom, and can live in there for 5-10 years** as they happily clean away, ignorant to the fact that certain death awaits any potential escapees.

Deep fat fried goldfish

Friday Link-o-Rama

Friday Link-o-Rama has been on holiday for the last few weeks. I started a new job with 29degrees, other things happened and I basically didn’t have time. But it’s back, and better than ever! Maybe.

Top 15 Unintentionally Funny Comic Book Panels

There is no-way anyone can say the word ‘boner’ and it not be funny.

Eagles are awesome

Awesomely awesome. Listen to the song, it is hilarious.

How the internet really works

No, really.

Would you get your money out of this ATM?




Ant sugar

Sugar. That looks like ants.

Get your hair cut with fire


Star Wars’ R2-D2 to collect post

“Postboxes across the US are to be dressed up as Star Wars robot R2-D2 to celebrate 30 years since the release of the sci-fi series’ first outing.

I like it. I want one. And that is exactly why all these will have been stolen within a week. Anything starwars at all is collectable, and I predict these will be collected.

Full story at the BBC.