Life in computers

Someone has posted their life in computers. Some good quotes:

After dropping out of college and spending two years flying airplanes and helicopters (while managing a pizza place), I got a bee in my bonnet to buy a computer. I walked into a store that sold Macintosh computers and walked out $5,000 poorer with an Apple Mac IIvx. It was a pretty big deal because it was the first Mac built to house an internal CD-ROM drive, and the first time I had even seen one.


Oh yeah…it was also the first machine I had seen Internet porn on…in glorious 256 colors!!!

My life in computers:

  1. Acorn electron when I was about five.
  2. BBC micro when I was about twelve becoming two BBC micros by the time I was fourteen.
  3. An Amiga 1200 when I was about fourteen/fifteen. I had lusted after a couple of friend’s Amiga 500s for ages but the 1200 was well worth the wait.
  4. My dad got a 486 DX2 66 with a whopping 8MB RAM when I was about sixteen.
  5. From then until today I have had an immemorable series of home-made beige boxes, most of them free second-hand rejects full of spare parts.
  6. A 15″ MacBook Pro with 2GB RAM. Yeah right, maybe one-day :)

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