Coffee machine recommendation

I need a recommendation for something that is close to most geeks hearts, which coffee machine should we get for the 29degrees office!

At the moment we are buying coffee from the scowling café trolls downstairs and my two cups a day are starting to eat into my beer fund. Our requirements are:

  1. Takes beans (or at least ground coffee, we could grind the beans ourselves I suppose)
  2. Outputs good tasting coffee
  3. Doesn’t need to be plumbed in
  4. Doesn’t cost more than £1000 (I guess, I don’t know the budget)

Does anyone have any recommendations, specific machines, brands to go for or brands to avoid? Of course this this question makes the vain and probably misguided assumption that anyone will read this, or even care if they do :)

2 thoughts on “Coffee machine recommendation

  1. steeeb says:

    A kettle and a pot of kenco?

  2. Will says:

    You are mistaking hot brown water for Coffee :)

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