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Google Gears Demo

Carl has written a google gears demo, the ‘Disk-space Reserver‘. As all this does is use up all your disk-space it would probably be a better idea just to read about it on his blog.

Google reader now supports offline feed reading

This feature enables you to read your 2000 most recent items even when your computer is not connected to the internet.

Useful. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I should be inheriting an old Powerbook G4 in a couple of weeks and will definitely make use of it then (link to Google blog entry detailing the feature).




Excellent (thanks Carl).

Friday Link-o-Rama

Shocking Pig Sty

This is about the state of my bedroom when I was 14.

Fun with Clouds

Fun with Clouds

Pac Man’s Skeleton Found!

Chilli Ferret

Possibly cruel.

Movie spoiler T-shirt

Saved me a few hours anyway.

Nasal Vacuum Cleaner

The picture says it all.

Nasal Vacuum Cleaner

Real life pirate hangouts

As recent as 2006, a group of grenade-launching pirates attacked two U.S. Navy warships 25 miles from the coast of Somalia. No sailors were injured, though three pirates were critically wounded when the U.S. Navy returned fire…

Pretty stupid…

Paper AT-AT

I want a real one.


Today is Towel Day

And if you don’t know why towels are significant then you don’t deserve to know!


Trash, in a ball! And art apparently.

Trash Balls

Toast Printer

Toast Printer

Hi I’m Ruby on Rails

Another funny Ruby on Rails/PHP video:

Datastructures blog

It is fairly old news and hasn’t been updated since March 1st, but I have to post about I really love the visualisations, for instance from What are Hash Tables and how do they work?

hash tables