Monthly Archives: June 2007

Great sporting moments

The best pitch in the world:

Bacon Placemats

This looks really tasty, how to make a bacon placemat.

Bacon placemats

BatGrrl’s comment was great:

Two words for Father’s Day, gentlemen-

“Bacon panties.”

Wooden binary adding machine

This is great, I really want to make one of these myself now.

Friday Link-o-Rama

Worst 007 gadgets

bad bond gadget

Personal rockets

The gallery doesn’t seem to show anyone actually flying with these things, but I still want one.

Rocket Pack

Feed the head

I really have no idea if there is a point to this.

Fun with electricity

Fun with electricity

Old Computers

Highly nerdy.

Commodore 64

The Duct Tape Server

Duct tape server

AT-AT Pushchair

I want a real one.

Dramatic Chipmunk

Not much to say about this one. Just a chipmunk being dramatic.

New Web Inspector

This looks useful:

As some of you saw last week at WWDC, we have a brand new version of the Web Inspector. We know that a lot people have found the current Web Inspector useful, and we have gotten a lot of feedback and sugestions about how to make it even better. And boy have we been listening! We have taken the current Web Inspector and have added a bunch of new features that you will find invaluable for web development:

  • Completely redesigned interface, no longer a transparent panel
  • Works with any WebView inside third-party applications, not just Safari
  • Supports docking to the inspected page
  • Shows all resources included by the page, sorted into categories
  • Global search through all text-based resources
  • Console to show errors and warnings with live JavaScript evaluation
  • Network panel showing resource load timeline along with HTTP request and response headers
  • Resource size and load time summary graph in the Network panel
  • Syntax highlighted HTML source
  • Inline JavaScript and HTML error reporting

New Inspector