Friday Link-o-Rama

Melted keyboard

Melted keyboard

Cthulhu: Eater of Souls, Roaster of Dogs

Cthulu roaster

Tetris ice cubes

Tetris ice cubes

Faulty fax causes mall to be closed

…Boston … police shut down a strip mall yesterday in this small western suburb after employees at a Bank of America branch mistook a botched fax for a bomb threat.

Frustrated shop owners said the branch overreacted to the strange fax, which turned out to be an in-house marketing document sent by the bank’s corporate office.

Decorated Vader Masks

Though Stern and Evil during the week Vader was known to let his hair down at the weekend.

Decorated Vader mask

Tree eats Bicycle

Top 15 Google street view sightings

Lorry destroyed driving through tunnel 6 inches too low

Mr. Cantu drove the entire 1.5 miles of the tunnel from Weehawken, N.J., to Manhattan, tearing his way under the Hudson River in the tunnel’s center tube and peeling back the roof of his tractor-trailer as if it were a tin can.

Interesting analysis of casino design

How they get all your money

How to make the best paper planes

Toenail necklace

No, really.

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