WriteRoom – Full Screen Text Editing

Full screen text editing, an interesting idea in WriteRoom:

Write room

If I did much writing (other than code) I think this would be really useful.

One thought on “WriteRoom – Full Screen Text Editing

  1. I actually prefer CopyWrite for most of my work, but that’s because I spend a lot of time writing, doing so with quite beefy projects. It too has full-screen text editing, although it doesn’t scroll the way I’d like it to so you spend a lot of time down at the bottom of the screen unless you [CR] your way down a few dozen lines.

    What entertains me about WriteRoom is its “Edit-In” stuff – i.e. you can just say in Mail “Edit my reply in WriteRoom” and you’re blocked out and in the text editor. It’s a very Pragmatic Programmer way of doing things – Textmate did proper full-screen and did the same, it might even become the perfect editor.

    That all said…. $24.95 for a text editor? WTF?!

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