Friday Link-o-Rama

15 unfortunatly placed adverts

Carrot advert

Hot air balloon flash game

Life as sushi

Camera on a conveyor at a Tokyo sushi bar. It was about midnight and the place was packed with great people.

Slappy game

In Japanese, but you don’t need to be able to read to play it.

Presidential Homes around the world

Toy crawling zombie

What isn’t there to love about zombies?

Where is the safest place to sit in a plane?

At the back apparently:

The funny thing about all those expert opinions: They’re not really based on hard data about actual airline accidents. A look at real-world crash stats, however, suggests that the farther back you sit, the better your odds of survival. Passengers near the tail of a plane are about 40 percent more likely to survive a crash than those in the first few rows up front.

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