Friday Link-o-Rama

Spinning Woman Optical Illusion

Beached Limo

Why people rent super-stretch limos in a city that’s mostly hills I will never know. This poor driver beached their limo on the hill near Goat Hill Pizza on 300 Connecticut St in San Fransisco.

Monkey on a goat on a tightrope

CD Hole Art


Fun jelly block puzzle and Gravity Orbs

Don’t play Gravity Orbs unless you have a lot of spare time in the near future. And flash 9…

Babies eating lemons

And the resulting amusing faces.

12 funny tombstones


10 best spacewalks ever


Flashlight Film

Pac-Man Hat

Are you the ultimate PAC-MAN fan? Envy PAC-MAN for his dot chomping ability?

No, but I think this hat is cool.



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