Monthly Archives: September 2007

How to ‘win’ at subversion

Carl bagged the 1000th commit on a big project by cheating with this script:

while :; do svn up | ruby -e 'gets; if $_ =~ /999/; `svn commit -m 'Winnah.' ../trunk`; end'; sleep 30; done

The contents of the commit? A single file containing the word ‘Winnah’.

PHP is stupid

cheetara:~ will$ php -r 'pg_escape_string();'

Warning: pg_escape_string() expects exactly 2 parameters, 0 given in Command line code on line 1
cheetara:~ will$ php -r 'pg_escape_string( "" );'
cheetara:~ will$

Why?! Thanks to Carl for spotting this particular inadequacy in PHP.

Friday Link-o-Rama

Lots of cool furniture

Paper art

Amazing book sculptures

Country New Wave

This is terrible, but I couldn’t stop watching.

Cinco Midi Organizer


Really good flash game. Very addictive.

Online Kaleidoscope


Map of all the freecycle groups in the US

Just for fun I plotted all the Freecycle groups in the US on a google map (as you do). An interesting side-effect is that the map shows population density, the darker the area the greater the population. It is easy to spot the cities:

Freecycle Map

The data is fairly old, there are almost certainly more groups than this now.