Linux visitor numbers

After writing about how Ashley Highfield (BBC Head of Technology) claimed that only 400-600 out of 17.1 million users of run Linux I started to wonder what the proportion of visitors to my own jokes site were using Linux. Here are screengrabs taken from my google analytics account:

OS table

Nearly 94% use windows, 5% use Mac. OK, that matches Ashley’s claims. But wait, 0.9% of my sites visitors use Linux. That is significantly more than the 0.00003% that Ashley Highfield claimed use If we use that 0.9% figure against the 17.1 million visitors he claims visit the number of Linux users would be closer to 154,000.

Where the hell did he get his numbers from?

Just for fun, here are the browser versions. Good to see Firefox doing so well:

Browsers table

One thought on “Linux visitor numbers

  1. Carl says:

    Ashley has revised his figures, the Linux-using visitors now number between 36,000 and 97,600. That range seems an odd one to give, 60-odd thousand apart, but accurate to (presumably) the nearest hundred.

    See for more details.

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