Monthly Archives: February 2008 updates

Thanks to all the people who emailed about the release of the Recycling Group Finder, it was great to receive so many positive comments!

Due to popular request there are two new features. First, group member numbers are automatically updating. This takes a maximum of about 48 hours or so to update, so don’t worry if your membership numbers have changed and the new figure isn’t appearing on the site, it will.

Second is the group owner/moderator admin section. If you are a group moderator you can now signup to edit details of your group including member numbers, name and location. To start just enter your yahoo group URL, or find your group on the site and follow the link included with the rest of the group information.

Comments and feedback welcome as always!

Ciaran on the joys of working with PHP

I feel for you Ciaran, I really do:

<ciaran>: OH FUCK YOU PHP
<ciaran>: FUCK YOU
- ciaran: stabs