I am happy to announce the launch of, my new site. is a place to find cool or fun stuff from around the web. A 5 minute distraction for your coffee break or a place to find something to do at lunch. started as the funpop twitter stream, I created the site to provide an archive of the tweets, and other features not available on Twitter such as tags and comments.


The site is build on Ruby on Rails and uses a PostgreSQL database as the back-end. It’s integrated with Twitter and features a Twitter based publishing system allowing content to be added to the site from Twitter itself. The site has an XML API should you want to use the information for your own purposes.

There are still features that need to be added and improvements to make so suggestions are welcome!

One thought on “ launched

  1. shai says:

    Now we need to get euteambot to pop in a funpop here and there ;)

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