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NWRUG 17th September – Smooth web apps with Varnish

This month David Smalley of Litmus will be talking about Varnish, the high-performance HTTP accelerator that makes doctype fly.

No sponsorship this month, but never fear, the BBC bar is fairly cheap and the Odder bar across the road serves nice pizzas.


Please note we’re back on our old start time of 6:30pm

6:30pm :: Welcome & Pre-session bar visit.
7:00pm :: Everything you ever wanted to know about Varnish by David Smalley of Litmus
7:30pm :: Drinks at the BBC bar
8:00pm :: Off to Odder across the road. Odder serves food until 8:30.
If you want more information email, call Will on 07939 547 962 or tweet @will_j.

Sign Up

If you would like to attend this event please sign up here. as the BBC need a list of attendees before the event. There’s an Upcoming event page but please use the form above.


This meeting is being held at one of our regular venues, the BBC Manchester main building on Oxford Road in central Manchester (Directions). If you get lost call Will on 07939 547 962.

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Ninja Tank Army

I’m not sure how stealthy it’s going to be, but a “Ninja Tank Army” is possibly the coolest thing in the world:

Ninja Tank Army