Announcing the (Unofficial) Yahoo groups public data API

The what?

All Yahoo groups have public metadata. The number of members, the category, various email addresses etc.

Yahoo doesn’t provide an API to this publicly available data (you can see it by visiting one of the group pages). Getting information about any particular group in your programs is hard.

I’ve filled this gap by releasing a third-party API to get the publicly available Yahoo groups metadata.


The API itself provides a really simple interface for getting group data in JSON format, just stick the urlencoded URL of the Yahoo group you are interested in on the end of the (Unofficial) Yahoo groups public data API URL and request it. You get JSON back.

The URL you request looks like this:

…and the JSON you get back looks like this:

    "private": false,
    "not_found": false,
    "age_restricted": false,
    "name": "OneStopCOBOL",
    "description": "OneStopCOBOL - Official COBOL group",
    "post_email": "",
    "subscribe_email": "",
    "owner_email": "",
    "unsubscribe_email": "",
    "language": "English",
    "num_members": 151,
    "category": "COBOL",
    "founded": "2008-06-24"

You can try it out and get sample code over at the homepage of the (Unofficial) Yahoo groups public data API.


I run the Recycling Group Finder, a site that makes extensive use of Yahoo Groups data. The (Unofficial) Yahoo groups public data API is an abstraction of the functionality I wrote to get group data for that site. I just figured it might be useful to other people.

One thought on “Announcing the (Unofficial) Yahoo groups public data API

  1. Jeff Stander says:

    It appears the big change to the “neo” group system has broken your API. I cannot see the membership info in the served page any longer, particularly the membership numbers. Let me know if you find a solution.



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