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Friday Link-o-Rama

Chat Noir and Sphere [Escape from the locked room]

Fun flash games.

Book Autopsies

I might have posted this one before, but it is so good it is worth seeing again.

When Robot Programmers get bored


I want a truck like that.

Sprint Waitless

Save some time.

The Right Angle

Well timed photos

Unconventional Dance Moves

All better than anything I have.

Fiat Rocket Cars

Moving sculptures

Badly parked Aeroplanes

Rollaway Skateboard Tube

Don’t try this at home. Or anywhere.

Fashion ads from Ebony Magazine, 1970 – ’76

Napkin Notebook

Good idea.

Novelty Plasters

Almost worth grazing your knees for.

Friday Link-o-Rama

A short one this month, I didn’t have the time!

Deadly finger!

Crazy laws

It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.

I will do my best…

Light emitting wallpaper

Comedy drunk sketch

Wedgie proof pants

A niche market…

Toddler flintstones car

Saddest cube contest

Friday Link-o-Rama

Fruit jackets

Apple Cosy

Rail art

Rail Art

Really cool cakes

How to make clear ice-cubes

The life and death of Jesse James

Amazing story.

Wake up cat

The Cat Came Back

7:30 long, but very funny.

Those crazy Germans!

Video in German, but funny anyway.

Hover bacon, Beer Beer Beer and Pork Fight

Can you imagine a world with hover bacon? Joel Veitch strangeness.

Bacon Chocolate