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Friday Link-o-Rama

Worst 007 gadgets

bad bond gadget

Personal rockets

The gallery doesn’t seem to show anyone actually flying with these things, but I still want one.

Rocket Pack

Feed the head

I really have no idea if there is a point to this.

Fun with electricity

Fun with electricity

Old Computers

Highly nerdy.

Commodore 64

The Duct Tape Server

Duct tape server

AT-AT Pushchair

I want a real one.

Dramatic Chipmunk

Not much to say about this one. Just a chipmunk being dramatic.

Friday Link-o-Rama

Melted keyboard

Melted keyboard

Cthulhu: Eater of Souls, Roaster of Dogs

Cthulu roaster

Tetris ice cubes

Tetris ice cubes

Faulty fax causes mall to be closed

…Boston … police shut down a strip mall yesterday in this small western suburb after employees at a Bank of America branch mistook a botched fax for a bomb threat.

Frustrated shop owners said the branch overreacted to the strange fax, which turned out to be an in-house marketing document sent by the bank’s corporate office.

Decorated Vader Masks

Though Stern and Evil during the week Vader was known to let his hair down at the weekend.

Decorated Vader mask

Tree eats Bicycle

Top 15 Google street view sightings

Lorry destroyed driving through tunnel 6 inches too low

Mr. Cantu drove the entire 1.5 miles of the tunnel from Weehawken, N.J., to Manhattan, tearing his way under the Hudson River in the tunnel’s center tube and peeling back the roof of his tractor-trailer as if it were a tin can.

Interesting analysis of casino design

How they get all your money

How to make the best paper planes

Toenail necklace

No, really.

Friday Link-o-Rama

Addictive puzzle game

Lots of Princess Leias

And a video. I don’t quite know what to say about this one…


Insane Japanese Halloween Costumes!


Beer for children

What could possibly be wrong with that!

Amazing lego star-wars spaceport


Lego Spaceport

Google Street View

Google has released ‘Google Street View’, awesome. You can drag the views round 360 degrees too.

Google Street View

This one of the vehicles used to take the photos:

Google Street View Vehicle

Live Lobster Ggrab game

Lobster Grab

Harley Hearse

Harley Hearse

Friday Link-o-Rama

Shocking Pig Sty

This is about the state of my bedroom when I was 14.

Fun with Clouds

Fun with Clouds

Pac Man’s Skeleton Found!

Chilli Ferret

Possibly cruel.

Movie spoiler T-shirt

Saved me a few hours anyway.

Nasal Vacuum Cleaner

The picture says it all.

Nasal Vacuum Cleaner

Real life pirate hangouts

As recent as 2006, a group of grenade-launching pirates attacked two U.S. Navy warships 25 miles from the coast of Somalia. No sailors were injured, though three pirates were critically wounded when the U.S. Navy returned fire…

Pretty stupid…

Paper AT-AT

I want a real one.


Today is Towel Day

And if you don’t know why towels are significant then you don’t deserve to know!


Trash, in a ball! And art apparently.

Trash Balls

Toast Printer

Toast Printer

Friday Link-o-Rama

Short one this week (and a week late to). Been busy!

How food will be prepared today, as seem from the past

You still get your wife to make it for you…

Armless driver eludes police chase

For about eight minutes on Tuesday, through the streets near downtown, police chased a driver who had no arms and one good leg.

He got away.

That has to be embarrasing. But it gets better, this guy managed to ‘kick a state trooper’. With one good leg…

Worlds smallest basketball team

Awww, aren’t they cute! Apparently not:

My message is, don’t pick on midgets or we will kick you in the knee.


Crazy posters

Many posters

Strange Russian

2 for 1 on Wagamama main courses

Tasty. I have used this and luckily didn’t have to explain how I found it on

Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bar

Nerdy joy!

Han solo chocholate bar

Friday Link-o-Rama

Play ‘War on Terror’

War on Terror

You can now, it’s a boardgame!

Cookie with nutrient information printed on it

Tower Defense

Very very very addictive game.

LED Watch

LED Watch


How to get away with being a terrorist

Apparently the trick is to dress like an American, not a ‘comedy Arab stereotype’.

Jellyfish pool lights

If I had a pool with these floating around I would be too scared to go in it. Luckily I don’t have a pool.

What the year 2000 was going to be like in the year 1900

Moving pavements, personal flying machines and roofed cities.

Chrono shredder

Chrono shredder

Impractical but arty.

How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran

Yay the CIA!

Monday Link-o-Rama

Ooops, late again! This time I have several excuses, so that is alright then.

Swat team use too much explosives


History of blogging

Cats mostly.

Eat Shitto

Cutest hitler impersonator ever

747 coming in low

Very very low…

Apparently there are tactics to Paper-Scissors-Stone

And a tournament.

DNA portaits

Fast food vs Reality

I am not sure it looks edible even in the adverts.

The eBay song


Blood puddle pillows

Friday Link-o-Rama

Woman falls off balcony, saved by poo

“A woman survived a fall from a sixth floor balcony when a pile of poo broke her fall.”


History of spy watches

Spy Watch

Wow, if I hadn’t been told it was a camera I would have never known!

Really inappropriate adverts

From the ‘1929 Johnson Smith Catalogue’ apparently, including such products as a book of ‘Hebrew jokes’, ‘Darkey in a watermelon’, Guns and handcuffs. Wholesome fun for all the family then…

KITT for sale

“one of only 4 surviving T-top cars from the series. None of the 10 series cars have ever been offered for public sale.”

“This car has been restored to it’s original season 1 condition Original dash with 2 operational TV’s. One connected to a camera in front of the car, the other connected to a DVD player with the audio speakers hidden under the nose. Original interior fabric (very rare and not available in reproduction.) Receivers welded to the frame for towing and shooting close up shots”



Donkey kong made out of post-its

Donkey Kong

This is only cool because it’s Donkey Kong.

Bookcase with in-built seat

Cave bookcase

Nice idea.

Good Ideas I Have Had In The Past Year

  • Kobe tuna – fish raised in a tank of dilute beer and massaged on the hour
  • Moon-dried tomatoes
  • Downloadable car alarm ring tones

And more.

Things Computers Can Do in Movies

12. People typing on a computer can safely turn it off without saving the data.
13. A hacker is always able to break into the most sensitive computer in the world by guessing the secret password in two tries.
14. You may bypass “PERMISSION DENIED�? message by using the “OVERRIDE�? function. (See “Demolition Man�?.)
15. Computers only take 2 seconds to boot up instead of the average minutes for desktop PCs and 30 minutes or more for larger systems that can run 24 hours, 365 days a year without a reset.

Hampster powered shredder

This has ‘Messy accident’ written all over it.

Ass advert

An advert for a job-site or something, but that is mostly irrelevant. The fact is that people are being forced to walk through a giant arse, and that is about as funny as it gets.