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Bacon Placemats

This looks really tasty, how to make a bacon placemat.

Bacon placemats

BatGrrl’s comment was great:

Two words for Father’s Day, gentlemen-

“Bacon panties.”

Wooden binary adding machine

This is great, I really want to make one of these myself now.

Kittens Wanted

I took this photo of a dingy, slightly seedy looking second-hand book shop near the Northern Quarter in Manchester. There is something slightly sinister about the sign, almost like it should read ‘Kittens *Desperatly* Wanted’.

Kittens Wanted

How to deal with Dangerous Animals

How to deal with Dangerous Animals, including:


Apparently one can pass close by a hiding Leopard and as long as your eyes don’t meet, it will allow one to pass. But the moment it is aware that one has noticed it, it will flee, or if cornered, may attack.



Never run away when you encounter Lions. If you run, they will run you down, as Lions instinctively charge and kill a fleeing animal. Stand still and slowly back away downwind until you are out of sight. If the Lion does not like the movement, stand still.

Useful information. Maybe.

Chili beer

Tony brought me a bottle of chili beer from his holiday.

Chili beer

It really does have an actual chilli in it.

Chili Beer Closeup

Overall it was reasonably spicy, about madras level. And you couldn’t really taste the beer, it just tasted of chilli. An interesting experience though :)