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Freecycle and Freegle group finder for the iPhone

Recycling Group Finder app for the iPhone

I’ve launched my first iPhone app, the Recycling Group Finder for iPhone. It complements the Recycling Group Finder web app making it even easier to find your closest Freecycle or Freegle group by using the iPhone’s in-built GPS. Check out the information page and give it a go, it’s free.

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Freecycle and Freegle group location data as KML

If you’ve got Google Earth (or something else that can read KML data) you might want to play around with the new recycling group location kml file I’ve put live on the Recycling Group Finder. More information here.

Recycling group data with population density overlay

Recycling group data with population density overlay

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Whoooooosh – the Recycling Group Finder gets faster

This afternoon I implemented a CDN (Content Distribution Network)  for the Recycling Group Finder, it only took about an hour and has slashed page load times on the site.

Whilst working for Engine Yard today (yes, on a Saturday!) we got a ticket in asking for CDN recommendations. This got me thinking about the recently announced Amazon Cloudfront CDN, specifically how cool it would be to use it for the Recycling Group Finder (a personal project). It’s an internationally targeted site and would benefit from the faster page load times a CDN will bring.

Why Cloudfront?

Cloudfront is built on Amazon S3, a well-used and trusted technology and many of Engine Yard’s customers are already using it. The chances are if you’re already using S3 for storing assets Cloudfront will be dead-simple to get running. I wasn’t, though it didn’t take much extra effort.

It’s easy…

Really easy. There’s a really useful tutorial up that gets you most of the way there, the Firefox S3 plugin is amazing. All that was needed after that was a single line change to my environment.rb file in my RubyonRails project:

and my javascript and CSS files were being served super-fast from the Cloudfront CDN. Sweet! It took a bit more work (and a custom helper) to get some of the other assets served, but not much.

Very. Very. Fast.

The speedup is significant. The site seems snappier when visiting in a browser but I also ran some before and after speed tests using the Pingdom tools page. The results were impressive. The homepage went from a 16.1 second load time (including all assets) to 1.1 seconds:

Before (16.1 seconds):

Homepage for Recycling Group Finder served from server

After (1.1 seconds):

Homepage for Recycling Group Finder served from Cloudfront

The homepage saw the most impressive speed boost, but sub-page load times improved significantly too. This is the before and after tests for the San Francisco Freecycle page:

Before (5.6 seconds):

Recycling Group Finder sub-page served by the server

After (1.6 seconds):

Recycling Group Finder sub-page served by the Cloudfront CDN

Worth the effort

Hell yeah! It took a really short amount of time to get running (helped by RubyonRails built in support for asset hosts) and the site flies. Give it a go!

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Thanks to all the people who emailed about the release of the Recycling Group Finder, it was great to receive so many positive comments!

Due to popular request there are two new features. First, group member numbers are automatically updating. This takes a maximum of about 48 hours or so to update, so don’t worry if your membership numbers have changed and the new figure isn’t appearing on the site, it will.

Second is the group owner/moderator admin section. If you are a group moderator you can now signup to edit details of your group including member numbers, name and location. To start just enter your yahoo group URL, or find your group on the site and follow the link included with the rest of the group information.

Comments and feedback welcome as always!