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Upgrading PHP 5.1 to 5.2 on CentOS 5.4 for SugarCRM

If you have the misfortune to need to install SugarCRM on Centos 5.4 you will need PHP 5.2 minimum, unfortunately the current version of CentOS (5.4) only comes with PHP 5.1. Follow these instructions to upgrade to PHP 5.2, they worked fine for me, I just wish I’d found them earlier.

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Ciaran on the joys of working with PHP

I feel for you Ciaran, I really do:

<ciaran>: OH FUCK YOU PHP
<ciaran>: FUCK YOU
- ciaran: stabs

PHP is stupid

cheetara:~ will$ php -r 'pg_escape_string();'

Warning: pg_escape_string() expects exactly 2 parameters, 0 given in Command line code on line 1
cheetara:~ will$ php -r 'pg_escape_string( "" );'
cheetara:~ will$

Why?! Thanks to Carl for spotting this particular inadequacy in PHP.