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400-600 out of 17.1 million users of run Linux

Either Ashley Highfield (BBC Head of Technology) has someone particularly stupid interpreting the stats for the site, or he is trying too hard to justify the BBC’s recent use of Microsoft client only technology.

Sign the petition to let the BBC know you use Linux. Found at PerfDave.

Edited to add: I estimate they have closer to 154,000 Linux users.

OS X screen grab keyboard shortcut

According to this page:

“Command-Shift-3 shortcut for taking a screen capture of your entire screen”

Useful, but even better:

“Command-Shift-4, … gives you a crosshair cursor so you can choose which area of the screen you want to capture.”

That is really great. There are a couple of other options for saving the screen grab to the clipboard instead of the desktop.

Websites as Graphs

Here’s as a graph: tree graph

Very pretty. Get yours here. Other peoples on Flickr here.

Wooden binary adding machine

This is great, I really want to make one of these myself now.

WriteRoom – Full Screen Text Editing

Full screen text editing, an interesting idea in WriteRoom:

Write room

If I did much writing (other than code) I think this would be really useful.

Secure Data Destruction


It’s usually cheaper to send it to yourself via Citylink for destruction, and then again via Parcelforce for disposal.

Peter Corlett in, via Stig.

Google Gears Demo

Carl has written a google gears demo, the ‘Disk-space Reserver‘. As all this does is use up all your disk-space it would probably be a better idea just to read about it on his blog.