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Random graph

Random graph, from playing around with RGL in Ruby.
Random graph

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How to find if two nodes are connected in an RGL graph

Say you have a graph like this:


How do you find out if there is a path between any of the two nodes? By using a breadth-first search:

require 'rgl/implicit'
require 'rgl/traversal'
vertices = ["one", "two", "three"]
g = RGL::ImplicitGraph.new do |g|
g.vertex_iterator { |b| vertices.map{|v| b.call(v) } }
g.adjacent_iterator { |x, b| b.call( vertices[(vertices.index(x)1).abs] ) }
g.directed = true
t = g.bfs_search_tree_from("one")
puts t.has_vertex?("two") # true
puts t.has_vertex?("three") # false

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