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Fairtrade music?

My friend @sudara is a musician and is interested in changing ideas about how music can and should be created and distributed*. He has started the site Ramen Music where you can sign up for issues of new unsigned hand-picked quality music. Artists get paid fairly (~75% of the money ramen music takes, 100% for the first year).

Sharing is encouraged so here is my first issue (I have a paid subscription).¬†With a paid account you can download high-bitrate non-DRM’ed MP3s of all the music in an issue, but he’s giving away access to the first issue to people who want it:

If anyone else wants a free taste of Ramen Music #01, follow us and we’ll DM you.

I’d be interested to know people’s thoughts and opinions on the idea, the music and the state of the Music industry in general.

* The state of the Music industry is a debate I’ve had with a bunch of people in the past, and it seems independent and new musicians are not served well by the current models.

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