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NWRUG 16th July – Source control Stand-off

This month Tekin Suleyman and Ashley Moran will be helping us get started with, and comparing, the Git and Darcs SCM systems.

Sponsorship is kindly provided this month by Liquidbronze, so free pizza will once again be available.


  • 6:00pm :: Welcome & Pre-session bar visit.
  • 6:30pm :: How to do things in Git by Tekin Suleyman
  • 6:50pm :: Break
  • 7:00pm :: How to do things in Darcs by Ashley Moran
  • 7:30pm :: Free pizza sponsored by Liquidbronze
  • 8:30pm :: Drinks at the BBC bar afterwards, then somewhere else nearby after that closes at about 21:00.

If you want more information email nwrug@willj.net, call Will on 07939 547 962 or tweet @will_j.

Sign Up

If you would like to attend this event please sign up here.. as the BBC need a list of attendees before the event and I really need to know the numbers so I can order the right amount of food and drink. There’s an Upcoming event page but please use the form above. This month I shall be publicly coating people with squeezy cheesy peas who turn up without signing up. You have been warned.


This meeting is being held at one of our regular venues, the BBC Manchester main building on Oxford Road in central Manchester (Directions). If you get lost call Will on 07939 547 962.

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NWRUG February 2009 – Nanite talk

For the first time in quite a while we had a talk at NWRUG, it seemed to go well and the free Pizzas and Beer provided by Engine Yard were very popular. About 12 people turned up. I was the only speaker and did a 45 minute talk on Nanite with a brief introduction to cloud-computing as that’s the environment I see Nanite being most useful.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and Engine Yard for the sponsorship. I promised a blog post with links to some of the resources from the talk, and here it is!

Useful links from the talk

Nanite (of course)

Kestrel (a starling replacement)

Delayed Job

Warren (A wrapper around AMQP from brightbox)

Engine Yard Solo

As I mentioned in the talk you can probably get away with using third-party APIs and calling it ‘cloud-computing’, this set of slides is really interesting:

Web Hooks and the Programmable World of Tomorrow

Lastly the slides on SlideShare, though they don’t make as much sense as they do with the talk & my notes.


Pastie: control rabbitMQ using Nanite, controlling god using Nanite.

Next Month

More talks! Asa Calow has agreed to do a talk on Solr and I rather foolishley agreed to do another talk on Sphinx.

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